Enjoy all the Features of Sports Hub System!


One of the most stressful tasks in running a soccer league or club, it’s the members registration process, dealing with all the registration forms, figuring out to which division or team each registration form belongs to, whether the team or player has registered in the right division or not, endless trips to the bank or misplaced registration forms ARE NOT AN EASY TASK without the right tools. The Sports Hub Online Registration System will help you leave all those worries behind and at the same time save you an enormous amount of time and money. Everything you need is online and at your fingertips 24/7. You’re not just only saving your own time, but everybody else’s too,. With our easy online registration system, coaches, parents and players can submit their registration in seconds from the comfort of their homes.

With The Sports Hub Registration System you will BE ABLE TO and GET the following:

  1. Provide an Online Registration System for teams and players at the convenience of their homes
  2. Set multiple registrations at once whether it is for winter, spring, summer or fall Season
  3. Set your own Team Registration fee and collect it in any sequence that you may need
  4. Set and collect a Game Referee fee automatically in advance of the Game
  5. Set a Team Franchise fee if so, you desired and collect it in any sequence that you may need
  6. Set registrations Start and End Date
  7. Set your own Age Limitation for each individual Divisions
  8. Automatically Collect Players Electronic Waiver and Minor Release form for an extra protection for yourself
  9. Create as many Tournaments as you like
  10. Create as many Divisions per Tournament as you need
  11. Authorize or Deny a Membership anytime a new team or player registers by receiving  a notification Email of such Registration
  12. Authorize or Deny a Transfer Anytime a player switches from one team to another by receiving a notification Email of such transfer
  13. After your registration’s approval the team and player’s information will be Automatically Uploaded to your website by Sports Hub Registration System without you doing a single thing
  14. At registration each team will be able to enter their uniform’s home and away colors
  15. No more uniform color conflicts. Our System will notify both coaches and you if there is ever a conflict of uniform colors between the 2 opponent teams
  16. Registering teams, Coaches and player will be able to upload their logo or picture right from their computer or mobile device
  17. Membership payments will be online and the money will go straight to your account
  18. You will not have to worry about any Credit Card or Personal information being stolen because all of the payments will be handled by PayPal


When running a Soccer League scheduling your games is one of the most time consuming and Stressing jobs, there is, especially when you are already done with your schedules and those last minute changes arrive. Yep, Yep, I know the filling! With our State of the Art Scheduling System you can schedule your entire league in just a few minutes and not only that, you can make any changes in a heartbeat as well.

With Our Scheduling System you will BE ABLE TO and GET the following:

  1. You do not have to Enter any Team Names. Our State of the Art System will bring the team names in for you
  2. Set your desired Game Length in increments of 5 minutes to Take Full Advantage of  Your Soccer Fields. Great way to save Money!
  3. Set your Game Frequency in any way you want: By Day, Every 2 Days, Every X Amount of Days, Every Week, Every 2 Weeks, Literally any Way you Want!
  4. Set the Game Start Date that you need
  5. Set your Game Start Time that works for you
  6. Choose which ever serves you best between a Single Robin, Double Robin or Triple Robin, etc.
  7. Our Smart System will tell you Which Soccer Fields are Available for you to assign to that schedule based on the available days and hours of those Fields
  8. Our Smart System will tell you Which Referees are Available for you to assign to that Schedule based on the available days and hours of those referees
  9. Change the game date, time, field, referee or the team’s opponent With with just a few Clicks
  10. Only one more click on the Save Stats button and all of  those changes will be automatically uploaded to your website (Provided by Us for Free)
  11. Send those Schedules Updates to everyone in your entire League or Club with just a few more clicks


Oh yeah! With Sports Hub you’ll be able to update all statistics right after each game is over with just a few clicks and our smart system will save all the statistics by team, by division, by tournament, by conference and for your entire league. Imagine for example, how exciting it will be for your Highest Scorers to know that they are not only competing in their team or division level, but also to be the tournament, conference or the entire League Highest Scorer, now that is exciting!

Here are some of the Stats that your Members will enjoy:

  • Division Standing highlighting the Team Leader
  • The team’s Played, Won, Lost, and Tie games played as home or away
  • Team’s Goals for, Goals Against and Goal Difference
  • Team’s Sanctioned Games
  • Team’s Wins and Losses by Default
  • Highest Scorer by Team, by Division, by Tournament, by Conference or by the Entire League
  • Best Goalie by Team, by Division, by Tournament, by Conference or by the Entire League
  • Player’s Yellow (Blue for Indoor) and Red Cards including how many Sanctioned Games

And yes! With a few more clicks you will be able to send any of this Stats to everyone in your entire League or Club so you will always keep everybody in the loop and interested in what is going to happen next.


The key to growing your Soccer League or Club it is in how successful you are into collecting your Money from your Members and it is well known that one of the biggest losses happens when players forget to pay their registration, teams don’t finish paying their entire registration fee and when teams forget to pay for the Game Referee fee or when teams just don’t show up and your League is stuck with that expense. With our System you get to keep all of your hard earned Money by collecting all of your Payments in Advance and leave all of your worries behind!

Here it is what you can Get and will be able to Do with our System!

  1. Set your desired Team and Player Registration Fees and Collect them up-front at Registration
  2. Set Member’s Registrations Fee any way you wish: Free, By Player, By Team, By Player and Team, By Tournament, By Season and even Set a Team Franchise fee (Franquicia) if you so desire
  3. Set any of the above Member’s Registrations Fees to be paid by Day, Week, Month or Year or any way you need
  4. Our System will Automatically send a “Forgot your Membership Payment” Email after the Due Date has past
  5. NO MORE LOSING MONEY from Teams that do not finish paying their Team Registration Fees or Referee Fees. Our Online Payment System lets you set the Fees that you need and collect them up-front for Peace of Mind
  6. NO MORE WORRIES about if a Player paid for his Player ID or not because our Registration System lets you set the ID Fees that you need and collect them up-front
  7. NO MORE LOSING MONEY from Teams that forgot to pay for their Game Referee Fee. Our Online Payment System lets you set the Fees that you need and collect them up-front for Peace of Mind


Take full advantage of our awesome system and start selling merchandise on your very own online store to your already existing members and fans and generate even more profits for your business. It is a very well known fact that most, if not all of the teams, players and fans will buy a new set of uniforms, a pair of shoes, shin guards, soccer balls, etc., etc., with the beginning of a new season and why should you let this amazing opportunity to get away when you can easily sell all of these items to them.

Advantages of using your Online Store:

  1. You will be substantially profiting by taking advantage the other half of your business
  2. Do not need to look for customers because you already have them
  3. You don’t need to have a physical store to sell your products
  4. You don’t have to pay for any expensive store lease
  5. The ability to upload and sell new products with just a few clicks
  6. Notifications right to your Email every time a new sale takes place
  7. Manage your store right from your mobile device or computer


Every Soccer League and Club needs a website so that they can keep all of their Members up to date with all the happenings of the tournaments, but it is very expensive to be paying for hosting services and in most cases you need to pay a Webmaster to do all the maintenance for you. With Sports Hub you can Start enjoying a free Website specifically designed to fulfill your needs and customize it just the way you like it without the help of a webmaster or the knowledge of coding. Stop paying hundreds of dollars for a Website that it is complicated and hard to Maintain.

With your free website you WILL BE ABLE TO and GET the following:

  1. Big savings by NOT HAVING TO PAY for expensive site hostings
  2. Big savings by NOT HAVING TO PAY for expensive Web Master fees
  3. A website specifically designed to fulfill your needs
  4. Ability to customize your website just the way you like it
  5. Post Special Offers, News and upcoming Events to your website with just a few clicks
  6. You get a Frequently Ask Questions page so that you can answer all of the questions from your members and fans
  7. Contact Us page so that you can let everyone communicate with your business
  8. About Us page so that you can let everyone know how you came about
  9. Staff page so that you can introduce all of your team members to your community
  10. Game Rules page with the general soccer rules as default and the ability for you to incorporate them with your In House Rules


Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be to keep everybody 100% happy and engage with your league or club, the satisfaction to know that right after a game you can communicate with everybody and give them the news of who the new Highest Scorer is, or perhaps send them the Division Leaderboard, or maybe send them the video of the Best Goal of the Week, or just send them any piece of information that you may need. We all know that communication is the key to keeping good relationships and the best way to solve the majority of problems and for you, as a league or club director your number one gold is to maintain communication with everybody and that everyone is informed at all times. With just a few clicks The Sports Hub Communication System will give you the ability to do exactly that.

With our Communication System you will be able to do the following:

  1. E-mail your entire league or just a particular conference, tournament, division or team or just a single player or maybe just all of the coaches if so you wish
  2. Create and implement an E-mail marketing strategy to keep your business booming
  3. Schedule E-mails to go out on future dates
  4. Send messages to all of your members right to their mobile devices or computers
  5. Send as many E-mails as you want


It is needless to say that the most effective way to do work is teamwork, so when it comes to working on Growing Your Business, there is no better way than teaming up with people that are trying to do the same. Other businesses different than yours would hugely benefit from promoting their products and services on your website and for doing this they will happily become your SPONSORS. We have included in your free website a sponsors page where you can promote with all your members and fans the products and services of your Sponsors and in this way you will keep everybody happy and your Sponsors will for sure thank you for it and so you will be building a long lasting partnership with them that will be beneficial to everyone.


Control everything that it is on your website and customize it just the way you like it in just minutes without having to pay for expensive webmasters, or having to know how to build a website. Your Dashboard is designed to provide you with all of the tools to run your league or club in a very user-friendly atmosphere and if at any point you need some help Sports Hub Customer Service will be happy to help.

In your Dashboard, you will be able to:

  1. Customize the look of your website in just a few minutes
  2. Access to important information about your league or club like, How many teams and players you have, or how many teams and players are active or inactive.
  3. Add your very own custom Membership plans
  4. Post Special Offers, News and Upcoming Events for your members to see
  5. Add your own Photo Galleries
  6. Add a front Slider
  7. Access to a Calculator that helps you determine how to run a tournament so that you can make a profit
  8. Activate Teams/Players with just a click
  9. Create and add fields in just minutes
  10. Create and upload Schedules with just a few clicks
  11. Update all of your Stats in just a few minutes
  12. and so much more…


It is very hard and stressful having to look for good and responsible referees to whistle your games, and it becomes even worse at the time when the game is about to start and the referee that you assigned to that game doesn’t appear anywhere, by that time you already know that chances are that you will end up losing money, because the game may have to be delayed or cancelled, and as a result you may be paying for a field that will not be use, or if you’re lucky enough you may find a referee that will whistle the game for you, but charging you a lot more money.

Leave all of those worries behind and take advantage of The Sports Hub Referee Assigning System that will provide you with a list of the Top Referees in your area, and rest assured, that you will always have a professional and responsible referee in time to start your game.

The Sports Hub Referee Assigning System take the necessary steps to ensure that the assigned referee to your game will always be there or to have a replacing referee for your game if need be. Each one of our referees is required to meet a list of professional standards that ensures that their performance is only the best, and each referee professional qualities and abilities are carefully analyzed and based on this outcome they are assigned to their corresponding level of skills.


Create your Player’s Photo ID Cards in just a few minutes. By using our system you will be able to generate One ID Card or multiple ID Cards with just one Click…


Receive Experienced Advice from someone that has been in your shoes for many years and understands all of your struggles and needs